1. Guaranteed Games:
    Open A, B & C Divisions are guaranteed 3 Round Robin games in their 4 team pools.
    Note for the 2024 Tournament; (i) only the OA Division will utilize Quarter Finals games. The OB & OC Divisions will have the top ranked team after Round Robin play from each of the division’s four pools advance to their respective Division’s Semi-Finals.
  2. Game Play:
    All tournament games have 20 minutes stop time halves, played on a 60 min ice slot. No overtime in Round Robin games, as they can end in a tie. All Finals (Quarter, Semi, Gold Medal) games will have overtime periods, as they cannot end in a tie. See Tournament Rules for full details.
    Shot clocks will be used for all tournament games.
  3. All teams and players must be registered with their Provincial Ringette Association.
  4. There is no mandatory stay and play policy. We ask all teams needing accommodation to please patronize our host hotels as they support the tournament. See the website for host hotel information.
  5. CORA League teams MUST be available to play their first tournament game the evening of Thursday, March 14th. Distance travel considerations are made in the tournament’s game schedule for out-of-province teams, to start in the afternoon/early evening on Friday, March 15th.
  6. If a referee wishes to travel with your team, please include their name, address, phone number, email address and team affiliations with your application.


  • Every effort will be made to provide teams with the best possible draw configurations. Absolutely no changes will be made to the CORA Classic game schedule once it is posted.
  • The 2024 CORA Classic Game schedule will be posted on our website in February 2024, after the Alberta 2024 Family Day long weekend (Feb 17-19).
    • All CORA League teams designated as HOME team in the tournament are required to supply 3 minor officials (shot clock operator/timekeeper/penalty box worker) for ALL Round Robin GAMES.
    • CORA League teams designated as VISITOR will supply the scorekeeper and are asked to assist non-CORA teams designated as HOME teams with minor officials coverage in Round Robin Games if needed.
    • Minor officials are supplied from the entered CORA League 2023-24 teams volunteer pool for (i) all non-CORA teams playing one another in Round Robin games (if required) and (ii) all Finals (Quarters, Semis, and the gold medal final) round games.
    • Shot clock controllers will be available for pickup at the respective arena’s Tournament Control desk and will require a set of keys or id to be left to ensure their return after the game is finished.
City of Calgary Specific – Covid Measures Compliance

While there are no current restrictions regarding vaccinations or masking due to COVID-19, requirements for entry to indoor public spaces (tournament areas) may change before the commencement of the tournament.



  • All teams must apply online using the Tournament Application Form.
    You can access the Application Form by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

$1075 entry fee

  1. CORA LEAGUE teams entering must pay full $1075 entry fee by Interac eTransfer (email to at time of application. CORA League teams who apply prior to Friday, Jan 26 are eligible for an early bird entry draw. This early bird entry draw will be for an initial draw for the first 50% of each of the tournament division’s 16 available entry positions. CORA League teams entered and not selected in the early bird draw will be put back into the general draw with all other open team applicants for the remaining 50% of the tournament’s division entry positions. The general draw will be held after the Jan 31st application deadline.
  2. Non-CORA Teams must pay a $375 entry fee deposit by Interac eTransfer (email to at time of application and apply by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Jan 31 for their application to be considered. The $700 balance of their CORA Classic 2024 entry fee owing is due within 72 hours of their emailed acceptance notification.
    1. The $375 entry fee deposit is fully refundable if a team withdraws prior to 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2024 by notifying the CORA Classic 2024 Tournament at
    2. The non-CORA League team $375 entry fee deposits will be refunded to any team not selected after the general draw. Refunds will be sent by Interac eTransfer-acceptance on or before Feb 12.
    3. The $375 entry fee deposit is non-refundable if a team choses to withdraw after Jan 31st application deadline.
  3. All accepted teams should expect to receive their emailed acceptance notification on or before Fri, Feb 9.


CORA League teams’ volunteers will be required for minor officials for the tournament Quarter Finals, Semi-Final and gold medal final games, in addition to providing volunteers for the tournament’s arenas control table. Your team contact will be notified with instructions to complete the Volunteer Signup Form, after your tournament application has been received.

Tournament Application